Spain, a gastronomic privilege

Spain, a crossroads where peoples and races meet, a melting pot of cultures, is a place whose gastronomy constitutes one of the richest manifestations of its historical legacy.

Rich because of the many civilizations that have left their mark in the Spanish art of cooking and eating, with their traditional flavours and techniques; and also because of the climatic diversity, which makes possible the great variety of products that are the basis of our diet, one of the healthiest in the world, according to nutrition experts.

Certainly, Spain does have a privileged gastronomy.


Unique in the world, the Iberian pig breed provides the best meat to make salted and cured products, among which we must point out acorn-fed Iberian cured ham, an authentic culinary work or art, the most delicious and aromatic, which is able - with only one small shaving, although it is always advisable to have several - to fill our mouth with unforgettable sensations, very unlike those that we can get from any other ham


There is nothing more Spanish than jamón serrano. This country ham is a national treasure shared in Spain by all walks of life. Cured for at least a year, it has a much deeper flavor firmer texture than its closest relateive, Italian prosciutto. Serve as a 'Tapa' with cheese and olives, or in your favorite Spanish recipe.

In Spain there are numerous game species, the best ones from the gastronomic point of view. In addition, we cook their meat using our select ancestral recipes, which are famous in European gastronomy, such as the recipes described to be "a la mode d'Alcantara" and the ones used to prepare other innovative dishes, which will surprise those who try them for the first time.

By: Spain Recipes