The most ubiquitous Spanish snack: cured Iberian or serrano ham. It's hard to miss the giant dried pork legs hanging from the ceilings of shops and bars everywhere you look. Do not miss the chance to taste about this delicacy-along

Jamon / Spanish Ham (14)

Serrano Ham Bone-In by Fermín - Jamón Serrano con hueso, Excelente!


Pata Negra Whole bone in Iberico Ham / Jamón Iberico Fermin


Serrano Ham Bone in from Spain 16-17 lb + Ham Stand + Knife !! | Cured Spanish Ham 24 Months - Monte Nevado


Serrano Ham (shoulder) Bone in - 10 /12 lb - Free Ham Holder & Knife!!


Paleta Serrana Boneless Ham by Fermín / Paleta serrano de Fermin


Serrano Ham Boneless Easy Cut / Jamon Serrano Sin Hueso Corte facil


Iberico Ham (shoulder) Grass-fed Bone in from Spain 10 - 12 lb / Jamon Iberico (Paleta) Pata Negra


Cinco Jotas Bone-In 100% Ibérico de Bellota (front leg)/ Paleta 100% Iberica de bellota 5J


Iberico Shoulder Semi Boneless / Free Ham Holder & Knife!!